US News on 15-08-22

Dział dotyczący wszystkich kredytów gotówkowych. Oferty jak również rozwiązania trudnych przypadków.
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US News on 15-08-22

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A powerful downpour hit Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, as a result of which the streets were flooded. Local residents compared the Russian city with Thailand due to weather conditions. This is reported by the Telegram channel SHOT.

The townspeople filmed the consequences of a powerful downpour on video. Many streets were completely flooded, vehicles had to move on water. One of the drivers showed that visibility on the roads was reduced.

Some locals were surprised by this weather, noting that they had not yet encountered such conditions. The downpour caused them to associate with the tropics. "Vokzalnaya 13. How many years have I lived here, I have not seen such a flood yet. Just a solid river, like in Thailand, flows," said one of the residents.

Earlier in Nizhny Novgorod, due to a downpour, part of the city's streets flooded — it partially submerged under water. The cars were parked on a flooded street, the water level above their wheels. Residents had to move with difficulty due to flooding.

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